What is The Purpose of a Watermark?

Watermark is usually placed on digital and printed documents for several reasons:

Identification of ownership

The company’s name or its logo will show who the PDF documents belong to. This is needed for copyright protection. However, watermarks also have a great potential as a promotional tool.

The main purpose of a watermark is to establish who the original owner of the document is, which can aide in avoiding copyright infringement.

Classification of documents

Some letterheads or certain types of documents are labeled as “Confidential”, “Copy” or “Original”. This is done to protect the most important files as well as to organize all the paperwork in a more efficient way. Plus, the recipient of the document will know exactly what to do and not do with it.

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Protection of information from unauthorized use

Before sending a confidential document, it might be wise to put the name of the recipient across every page. This way, if they share the watermarked PDF document without your permission, you will know exactly who the culprit was. What’s more, the watermark itself might be enough to deter the recipient from doing so in the first place.

Any intellectual property (PDF documents, drawings, plans) should be protected with a watermark. If you place your logo or text on your files correctly, no one will be able to crop or erase it.

After all, any breach in security might turn into a disaster for your company. A leak of classified information has the power to damage the reputation of your organization or lead to big financial losses. The obtained data can be used against you.

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What are the Types of Watermarks?

Watermarks come in different forms, and brands can make a great use of each of them.

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You can add the following types of watermarks to your PDFs:

  1. A text. You can use textual watermarks in a variety of ways. For example, if you want to communicate to recipients that this is a copy of a document or that it’s a confidential file. It is also possible to add a name of the recipient or the name of your company for precaution measures.
  2. A symbol. This type of watermark usually accompanies a string of text. For instance, you can put a copyright symbol in front of your name to show that you hold all the rights to this file. Also, some real estate agencies add an icon of a house to their name to indicate their line of business.
  3. A logo. This might be the best type of watermarks for brands of any size – big or small. Adding a logo to your documents will not only protect them, but it will also help to increase brand recognition.

Depending on the main purpose of a watermark in your PDFs, you can add an email or website address, contact information, your name or logo to your documents.

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How to watermark PDF using Watermarkly

Adding a watermark to PDF doesn’t need to be challenging. In fact, with the right tool, in can take little time and effort. Watermarkly will help you design and apply a watermark quickly and easily – no matter where you are.

Our online app processes files in your browser and is free of charge with some paid options. To add a watermark to PDF, you need to scroll up to the app’s window at the top of the page and get to work.

Watermarking your files involves only a few steps:

1. Open the folder with the files on your computer and drag them into the app. It is also possible to click on “Select PDF” to upload documents from your device or one of the listed cloud storages – Google Photo, Google Drive, or Dropbox. If you choose the latter option, you will need to log into your account and provide access to your files.

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Watermarkly allows you to work with a batch of several PDFs. In the free version you can import up to 10 files at once.

2. Click the “Next Step” button to proceed to the editing stage.

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3. Design a watermark for PDF - it's an uncomplicated, yet fun and exciting process:

  • Click on “Add Text” / “Add Logo”. If your logo file has a monochrome background, you can delete it by clicking on just one button that’s called “Remove Background”.
  • Make the best of our toolkit to design a watermark for PDF. You can drag your watermark to any place you like, add various effects, pick a font and color, change the size and the level of opacity.
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If you don’t have a logo, but you’d like to add some sort of a symbol to your PDF, you can make use of our Gallery that offers a great variety of over 50 icons. You’ll find assorted capital letters and multi-themed elements like cameras, houses and so on.

4. Click on the “Next Step” button. If you are working with only one file, the app will get to processing your watermarked PDF right away.

5. If you have a batch of documents, you will be offered an option to preview your watermark on each PDF. If you don’t like the placement, the size, or the transparency of your watermark on other files, you will have the chance to change them in the Preview Section. Once you are done, return to the Export Settings and click on “Watermark Files” to start the processing.

By default, Watermarkly changes the size and placement of your watermarks automatically to fit them into your PDFs better. However, it is possible to reposition and resize your watermarks manually.

Our web app is free for everyone. However, the free version has one limitation – the words “Protected with Watermarkly” will be added to your PDF documents along with your watermark. If you want to get rid of it, you can purchase one of our editions and unlock the full version of the app. Another benefit of the paid version is that you will be able to process more than 10 files in one go and your watermark templates will be synchronized across all of your devices.

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Why You Should Choose Watermarkly for Adding a Watermark to PDF

Our app is a great choice for watermarking PDFs because:

  1. Watermarkly is safe. You won’t need to download or install anything on your device. Since the app processes all the files in your browser, your documents will never leave your computer – at any stage of the process. We won’t have access to them.
  2. Watermarks are fully customizable. The editing tools are powerful, yet easy-to-use. Both text and logo can be changed however you want. You can make your watermark smaller or bigger, pick a different color or font, add some effects and many more.
  3. You can watermark several PDFs at once. The free version allows you to process a batch of up to 10 files. Once your watermark is designed, you will be able to see how it looks on every file. It is possible to make changes to the size and position of your watermark if necessary.
  4. Watermarkly saves your watermark templates. The app includes a list of previously used templates. The watermarks that have been applied at least once are saved into this list. Therefore, you can recycle your text and logos as much as you want. You won’t have to spend your time re-creating your favorite watermark from scratch!
  5. Our online app works on any device or operating system. You can add a watermark to PDFs on your mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer, or laptop. It doesn’t matter what operating system you have – be it Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac, or Android. All you need is a browser and internet connection.

Watermarkly offers the option of downloading watermarked PDFs to Google Drive and Dropbox. So, you won’t have to store your files on your device. Our app is all about efficiency and convenience.

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Tips on How to Watermark PDFs

Here are some useful tips for adding a watermark online:

Keep the level of opacity around 50%.

This will provide you with the best result since your watermark should neither be too distracting nor too unobtrusive. The text in your PDF should be readable, but at the same time, your watermark has to be noticeable, too. Otherwise, it won’t be able to do its job properly.

Choose the right place.

A tiny watermark somewhere in the corner of a document might be almost useless since it won’t provide much protection. It should be evident who the file belongs to. Placing your watermark in the corner or against a simple, monochrome background is risky as it can be easily removed. Instead, your watermark should be put in the center and occupy as much space as possible.

Make sure to find a place for your watermark where even a professional editor won’t be able to remove it. This way, your files will be protected from being stolen or leaked.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Watermarking PDFs

Our team has prepared answers to popular questions regarding watermarking PDF documents.

What color should my watermark be?

Your watermark can be of absolutely any color. Naturally, a bright-colored logo or text might look unprofessional and distracting on important documents. The other aspect to consider is the color of the background. It goes without saying, but you shouldn’t make your watermark the same color as the background, or it will be invisible. If you want your watermark to be unobtrusive and blend in with the contents of our PDF better, you might try a different shade or hue of your background’s color.

What can I do to prevent my PDF files from being stolen?

One of the best ways to protect the documents that you need to share on the internet or send to other people is to add a watermark. For example, you can add your company’s logo or name, so everyone knows who the file belongs to. Another option is to put the name of the file’s recipient. This way, if they leaks the file to the Internet, you will know exactly who did it.

What is a visible watermark?

A visible watermark is a special mark that is applied to images, photos, and PDFs. It can be anything – an email address, contact information, company logo, QR code, a string of text, etc.

What does a watermark do?

Text/logo with a certain degree of transparency helps to protect PDF documents from theft as well as to demonstrate who the files belong to or their classification. Watermarks are typically used for a variety of reasons.

How to create a permanent watermark?

With our online app, you can add watermarks that no one will be able to remove even with the help of artificial intelligence. Watermarkly doesn’t require any editing skills. The entire process of designing and applying a watermark is straightforward and easy. You just need to upload files (up to 10 in the free version), create a textual watermark or upload a logo, and check how the watermark looks on each file. The last step is to download copies of your PDFs with a permanent watermark to your computer. That’s it!

What is the purpose of watermarking PDFs?

First of all, watermarks help to protect the confidential information in PDFs. If important data is lost, the company may face some serious problems. And watermarks can aide in avoiding that. Another purpose of a watermark is to show that a file belongs to a certain category. For example, a PDF can be watermarked with the word “Copy” or “Original”, so people won’t mix the documents up while working.

How to ensure that the watermark cannot be removed from PDFs?

If you place your semi-transparent watermark across the entire page, right over the text and graphics, it will be challenging to remove it – even with a professional program – because the contents will be affected during the process of erasing a watermark. And all the changes will be noticeable. The right placement and the size of your watermark play key roles in the safety and security of your documents.

Which PDF files can be watermarked?

You can work with PDF files, regardless of their purpose. These can be financial reports, legal contracts, educational materials, marketing papers, electronic publications, and more.

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Additional Features of Watermarkly

You will probably be glad to know that on our website you can not only watermark PDFs but images, too! Watermarkly supports such popular formats as JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

In addition to the app for designing and adding a watermark, our website offers some other image editing tools:

All of these tools work quickly and separately. If you just need to crop or resize an image, you can do it within a couple of minutes. We don’t have any accounts, so there is no need to register on our website. Choose the right tool and get to work.

Use Watermarkly to watermark your PDFs and keep them safe and secure. Process files of any format at any time on your computer, phone, or tablet. Our app will help you do the job effortlessly and efficiently.

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