How to resize your images:

Click on "Select Images" or drag and drop your photos into the app using your cursor. You can upload photos from your computer, Google Drive, Google Photos or DropBox.

Once all the photos are uploaded, click on "Resize Images". This will take you to the Output settings, where you have to choose how you want your images to be resized.

You have 5 options to choose from:

      • "Exact width" – allows you to enter the exact number of pixels for the width of your image. The height will be changed automatically.
      how to resize images
      • "Exact height" – lets you type in the exact number of pixels for the height of your image. The width will be altered automatically.
      free image resizer
      • "Exact width & height" – gives you the opportunity to enter the exact number of pixels for the width and height of your image.
      resize photo
      • "Maximum width & height" – grants you the ability to set the maximum number of pixels that the width and height of your image should be.
      • "Percentage" – makes it possible for you to reduce the size of your entire image by a percentage of your choice.

If you select either of the first four options, you will need to enter the necessary value of height/width or both into the bars below.

Next, you have to choose the file format. There are 6 options:

      "Original format"
      "Convert to JPEG" (standard quality)
      "Convert to JPEG" (maximum quality)
      "Convert to JPEG and compress" (standard quality)
      "Convert to PNG" (lossless)
      "Convert to WEBP" (standard quality)

If you choose “Convert to JPEG and compress”, your resized copies will take up less memory space, yet their quality won’t be compromised.

If you choose “Convert to JPEG and compress”, your resized copies will take up less memory space, yet their quality won’t be compromised.

Once you are done with specifying the settings, click on "Resize Image" to start the process. Resized copies can be uploaded to your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Resize Photos
Resize Images

Safety and reliability

Watermarkly is a web-based application. You don't need to install anything on your computer. The app works in your browser and doesn’t require any additional software or plugins. By installing software from unknown sources, you might involuntarily infect your computer with a virus.

We don't keep your images on our servers or have access to them. Nobody in our company can get access to your files, no matter what.

The app is completely free. Moreover, it is not swamped with ads or pop-ups. Nothing will distract you from resizing your images.

Our online Resizer allows you to process up to 10 images per day at no additional cost. But, if you need a tool to resize large batches of files, you should consider buying the paid version of the app. With it, you will be able to resize up to 2000 images in one go.

Resize Photos

Resizing options

In the app’s settings, you can choose one of the 4 resizing options: "Exact width", "Exact Height", "Exact width & height", "Maximum width & heigh" or "Percentage".

With the first two options, you have to enter the exact number of width or height in pixels. You will have control over only one value since our app will change the size of the other side automatically.

For example. You upload a vertical photo that’s 5835 x 3890px and choose the “Exact height” option in the Output Settings. Next, you type in “2000” into the bar below. After the resizing process is done, you will get the image that has the height of 2000 pixels and the width of 1333 pixels. The width was altered automatically to preserve the aspect ratio of your original image.

The "Exact width & height" and “Maximum width & height” may seem similar, but they work differently.

Let’s say, you upload the same vertical image from the previous example – its size is 5835 x 3890px – and choose "Exact width & height", then enter 2500 for width and 2500 for height. These settings will produce a rectangular image. But your photo won’t be awkwardly cropped. Instead, it will be placed against a blurry background.

However, if you upload the same photo, choose "Maximum width & height", and enter 2500 for width and 2500 for height, you won’t get a rectangular image as the result. The height of your image will be changed to 2500 pixels, while its width will be reduced to a smaller number. The size of the original photo is 5835 x 3890px. So, its resized copy will become 2500 x 1667 pixels.

The "Percentage" option can come in handy if you want to reduce the size of your image not to the exact pixel dimensions, but approximately. For instance, if you enter 60%, the app will reduce the width and height of the original image by 40%.

Your output settings will be saved.

Therefore, the next time you open the app, you will see the same values and options that you entered and selected during the last resizing.

This can make the whole process quicker and easier if you always resize your images the same way.

Resize Photos
Resize Images

When you should resize your images

Our online tool can be of use if you need to prepare your high-resolution photos for publishing online.

For example, when posting images on your website, you should keep in mind that files of smaller size and resolution are going to be loaded and downloaded faster; this is the experience that most of your website visitors expect to get.

Web pages with correctly resized images are better indexed in the search engines because the smaller size of images accelerates your website’s loading speed. Plus, by using our online tool, you will ensure that your resized images will look just as great as the originals.

If you upload your high-resolution, large-sized files to your website, you may not only experience difficulties in its operation but also the sharpness of your images will be affected since the browser will be forced to compress them; and it won’t do a proper job at it.

In addition, changing the width and height of your images will allow you to correctly prepare them for publication on social networks, where posts, ads, headers, profile pics, and so on have their own required dimensions. By resizing, you will avoid awkward cropping or terrible compressing of the originals, and your photos will look exactly as intended.

Our fast and easy-to-use Resizer can also help in case you need to send your photos as attachments. As you may know, all email services have file size limits. Reducing the size of your images will allow you to attach more of them to your letter.

Resize Photos

Additional Editing Tools

Using Watermarkly you can not only resize photos, but also:

Add watermark to a batch of photos.

Crop photos by setting your aspect ratios or choosing one of the options from the list.

Compress JPEG, PNG and GIF images.

Add text or logo to one photo.

You can use any of the tools separately.

Resize Photos