How To Watermark Photos on iPhone in 2024

In our day and age, stealing somebody’s visual content is as easy as pressing a couple of keys and clicking a few buttons. It’ll take thieves just a few moments to get your photos that you worked so hard for so that they could pass them as their own. Best case scenario, they will publish them on their social media without giving you credit. Worst case?

They will get the money and attention that you deserve, and you won’t even know about it. For instance, there have been multiple cases of brands stealing artworks from small creators and using them for prints.

Watermarks were created to prevent this from happening.

Watermark Photos For Free

Why You Should Watermark Your Photos on iPhone

Protecting your images is the main reason to consider watermarking photos on iPhone. By placing your logo or name on your images you can show everyone who the author is, claim your copyright and make ill-intentioned people think twice before they try to rip off your work.

Besides, there is another advantage to watermarking on iPhone.

We live in a world where the importance of branding is incredibly high. You can easily recognize Nike’s logo without the name of the brand being spelled under it; just one look at that curved tick and you know which company produced those shorts. Watermarks on iPhone photos can function in a similar way as brand logos.

Internet is a boundless and unpredictable ocean, the wild waves of which can carry your images far away from your social media accounts or your website. If you post your visual content on Instagram or Twitter, where people can easily contact you, it doesn’t mean that all of your potential clients are going to see your artworks on these platforms. Something might go glitchingly wrong or someone would repost your photo without giving a link to your account.

But if your contact information or logo is already on your image, you won’t have to worry about that, because your potential clients will always know how to find you.

how to watermark photos on iphone

Add Watermark to Photos

What Are the Main Advantages of Watermarking Photos on iPhone

Watermarking is almost a necessity, nowadays. And it is not as complicated as you might think. With our user-friendly mobile app Watermarkly, adding watermarks to your photos on iPhone is easy, quick, and fun.

In our app, you will find all the necessary tools to customize your watermark.

You can:

Add copyright symbol or image number to your text

Add multi-line text

Use the vast library of 926 fonts

Upload your logo and further customize it: rotate, change its color or size, add one of our 33 effects

Fill up your image with repeated watermarks

Rotate watermark or adjust its transparency

how to watermark photos on iphone free

Recently used watermark templates

The list of 10 recently used templates will save you some time if you have a handful of watermarks that you tend to recycle. As you might’ve guessed from the name, watermarks that you have applied to your iPhone photos at least once are saved to this list. After you upload your images into the app and click on “Next step”, you will see the template that you used last.

If this is not the watermark that you need, click on “Remove Watermark” to open the list and choose another one.

Template synchronization

In addition, the list of 10 recently used templates gets synchronized automatically, which means you can access it across all of your devices. The synchronization works between mobile apps – in case you use Watermarkly on two separate phones – as well as the mobile app and the browser-based app.

For example, you created and applied a watermark in our web-based app in Google Chrome on Windows. This watermark gets added to the list of 10 recently used templates automatically. Then, on your way to work, you open Watermarkly on your iPhone and see the same watermark that you created on your computer because the list has been synchronized.

You can edit this watermark on iPhone photos further; change its color or drag it to a different place, or you can just apply it to your images straight away.

Watermark your photos on iPhone everywhere

Our mobile app allows you to watermark your photos on iPhone no matter where you are.

For instance, you can use your commuting time wisely and add your logo to your visual content before posting it online. It is also possible to send your watermarked copies to your friends and clients right away by using the “Share Images” button and sharing them directly to your social media or messengers.

Our app has the ability to convert your files to JPG – which is the most commonly used image format – and then compress JPEG images to save up some memory space. Watermarkly is convenient, straightforward, and easy to master.

Add Watermark to Photos

How To Add Watermark To Your Photos on iPhone

Upload your images

Upload your photos, tap on “Add Images” in the bottom left corner. If there is a photo that you don’t need, select it and tap on the cross that will appear. Click on “Clear Images” to remove all the photos from the app.

how to add watermark to photos on iphone

The “Next Step” button will take you to the editing stage.

Add logo

If you need to add a logo, tap on “Add logo” and choose one of the following options: “From Gallery” or “From My Phone”. The first option will open our gallery of all-purpose icons, while with the second one you can upload your own logo.

If your logo is against a monochrome background, which you don’t like, our app to watermark photos on iPhone can remove it. Once your logo is uploaded, you will see the “Remove Background” button. Tap on it. And just like that, the background will be gone.

how to watermark photos on iphone

Add text

If you want to put text on image, click on “Add text”, then tap inside the “Text” input area, erase the word “Sample” and enter something new. In case you add multi-line text, it can be aligned left, right, or center. Plus, it is possible to adjust the space between the lines by moving the “Line Height” slider.

Add a copyright symbol, image number, or both. Tap on “+©” to add a copyright symbol. Click on “+IMAGE NUMBER” to add your image number.

Please note, that the image number is going to be automatically altered for each photo, in case you are batch-watermarking on iPhone.

how to add watermark to photos on iphone

Design your watermark on iPhone

In the “Font” drop-down menu, you can find our vast library of different fonts. If you know the name of the font that you need, type it into the “Font search”.

In the “Color” section, choose one of the solid colors or gradient options.

Rotate your watermark, change its size, and set the level of transparency by adjusting the “Size”, “Opacity” and “Rotation” sliders.

If you are worried that a small watermark in the corner isn’t going to be enough, fill up your image with repeated watermarks by enabling the “Tile” feature. Watermarkly offers two types of tile: parallel or checkerwise. By adjusting the “Span” slider make the space between your watermarks on iPhone photos smaller or bigger. Changing the size of your watermark will affect how many repeated versions of it are going to be on your photo.

Choose one of 33 varied effects in the “Effects” section. For example, you can go for the popular dropped shadow or apply the glitchy holographic effect to make your watermark a bit more eye-catching.

watermark photos on iphone

Choose the file format

Once you are happy with your watermark on iPhone, go to the Output settings by clicking on “Watermark images”. To disable auto-scaling of watermarks, remove the blue tick.

In the “File format” drop-down menu, choose one of 3 options: “Original format”, “Convert to JPEG” or “Convert to JPEG and compress”. The last one will produce watermarked copies of smaller size, yet excellent quality.

Resize your photos

Tap on the bar next to “Resize images” and select how you want your copies to be resized: No, Exact width, Exact height, Exact width & height, or Percentage.

add watermark on iPhone

Check your images look before watermarking

Open the preview section by tapping on the “Preview Watermark” button. Click through your iPhone photos and see how your watermark looks on each of them. If necessary, select and drag your watermark to a different position.

The “Size” and “Opacity” sliders allow you to adjust its opacity and size. Watermarks on other images in the batch won’t be affected. When you’re happy with the results, exit the Preview section. To start the watermarking process on your iPhone, click on “Watermark Images”.

add watermark to photos on iPhone

Share your photos

Your watermarked copies will be saved to your iPhone gallery automatically. If you want to share them to your social media platforms or messengers, tap on “Share Images”.

And that’s it!

Adding your name, website address, or logo to your images will kill two birds with one stone: deter thieves from stealing your artwork and lead your potential customers right to you, no matter in what part of the internet your visual content will end up. And with our mobile app to watermark photos on iPhone, Watermarkly, you can easily create a watermark and add a watermark to PDF or your image; anywhere and anytime you want!

Watermark Photos For Free