How to Crop Screenshots on Mac

Capturing what's on your Mac monitor has never been easier, thanks to the easily accessible Take Screenshot feature. Plus, if you want to conceal specific parts of your monitor, cropping your screenshot is also a breeze.

There are multiple techniques to use – from the Preview app, specific tools, and online services. Find out which one best suits your needs and get it done quickly.

how to screenshot on mac and crop Crop on Mac for Free

How to Crop a Screenshot on Mac Using the Cropping Tool

This is one of the best techniques for capturing the perfect screen on your Mac. After pressing the correct button to take a shot, a small thumbnail of the photo will show up in the bottom-right corner of your display. This one will have a limited window of time where you can click on it before it disappears, allowing you to access the cropping tool. There currently isn't an available option to extend this timeframe before the thumbnail disappears, so make sure you act quickly.


  • Uncomplicated tool
  • Ready to use
  • No setup is needed
  • Effortlessly captures screens and edits


  • Somewhat basic
  • Time-sensitive tool
how to crop a screenshot on mac

Read on to discover just how to crop on Mac with this feature:

  1. If you'd like to capture a certain area of your desktop, wait for a screenshot to show up.
  2. Select the thumbnail icon on the bottom right corner of your page. From here, you'll be able to edit the image accordingly.
  3. To begin cropping your image, navigate to the Tools tab and select the Crop option.
  4. Adjust the screenshot to capture solely the section you'd like to preserve by dragging the crop helpers.
  5. To finish cropping the screenshot, simply press “Done”.
  6. To save the result, select “File” and then “Save”.
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How to Crop a Photo on Mac Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac has a wide range of shortcuts you can learn and employ to achieve a variety of results, such as full or partial screenshots. With these handy keyboard combinations, you won't miss out on capturing any important details or data.

Taking a screenshot quickly and then cropping it to the desired size is now easier than ever. The downside is that remembering the key combinations for this action may be arduous for those who have a hard time remembering technical data.


  • Very quick and convenient
  • Whole or partial screenshots
  • No downloads and installation
  • No third-party apps


  • Remembering the right shortcuts and inputs can be difficult
  • This is how to crop an image on Mac with hotkeys:

    1. The first step is to have the desired image displayed on the screen.
    2. Take a complete screenshot of your monitor by pressing “Shift”, “Command”, and “3” simultaneously. A thumbnail of the image will show up in the corner of the page. From there, you can manually crop it to fit your needs.
    3. To save a section of your monitor, simply press “Shift”, “Command”, and “4” simultaneously. From there, you're able to select the area you wish to capture using the adjustable crosshair. You will then be able to see a thumbnail in the corner which can be clicked on to make adjustments if desired.
    4. Capture a specific window or menu easily with the shortcut of “Shift”, “Command”, “4”, and “Space” simultaneously. A camera icon will appear; position it over the window you like to snapshot. Click on the ensuing thumbnail to commence the editing process.
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    How to Crop Photos on Mac Using Preview

    Get an instant glimpse of image files such as JPGs and PNGs and various documents, and edit PDFs with ease using the Preview app. It provides several beneficial editing and markup options, including an intuitive cropping instrument.

    Cropping your images has never been simpler! With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can easily frame the area you'd like to keep. Besides that, Preview allows you to take your photos to the next level with a variety of options, including resizing, annotating, and color adjustments.

    The Preview App has all the tools necessary to complete this task, whether you would like to trim down the screenshot you've taken, or one which you've received but can't open in a photo editing software.


    • Beginner-friendly
    • Installed on all Mac devices
    • Multifunctional approach comes in handy for other forms of editing


  • Easy to become confused when dragging the box
  • how to crop screenshot on mac

    This is how to take a screenshot on Mac and crop with the Preview app:

    1. Open the image on the Mac. Depending on your macOS version, select either the marker tip icon (if running Big Sur) or the toolbox icon (other versions).
    2. Use the screenshot to create a selection by clicking and dragging and adjust the size using the blue dots by dragging them.
    3. For faster adjustment of your image, head over to the “Tools” tab, select the “Crop” option, or quickly use the “Command + K” combination.
    4. Prior to shutting the Preview window, make sure to save any modifications you have made to your image.
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    How to Crop Screenshot on Mac Using Photos App

    To quickly edit and crop screenshots, accessing the Photos app on your Mac is an effective solution. This app offers multiple features such as resizing, warping, zooming, and even image collages. However, compared to other apps, it may not be the most efficient to use if you're aiming for speed when cropping.


    • No need to install or download; it's already integrated
    • Get creative with Filter and Resizing tools
    • Perfect for newcomers
    • A great number of various editing options


    • Not the fastest option for cropping
    how to crop photo on mac

    To access your screenshot, simply follow the steps below:

    1. Right-click and choose “Open with” from the menu.
    2. Carefully choose your images. If the Photos app is not visible in the list of applications within the context menu, then choose the “Open With” tab and locate Photos among the list of available apps.
    3. Your image will be seamlessly integrated into the Photos app with one simple click of the button.
    4. To make changes to a photo, simply tap the “Edit” option located at the top right of the Photos application.
    5. Access the “Crop” menu to prepare your image for manipulation.
    6. To crop the image, simply drag the scaling handles around its border.
    7. To undo any amendments you no longer want to keep, access the “Revert to Original” feature at the top left corner.
    8. Click “Done” to confirm your cropping and save it.
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    How to Crop a Screenshot on Mac Using Third-Party Tools

    For those Mac users longing for another way to crop screenshots, Adobe Photoshop offers an out-of-the-box solution. Adobe Photoshop is a powerful and versatile program for creating and editing images. With its wide range of features, from simple cropping to adding shapes, text, arrows, and stamps to editing screenshots, it's a popular choice for both pros and hobbyists.

    Here is how to crop an image on Mac via Photoshop:

    1. Launch Adobe Photoshop on your Mac.
    2. To crop the desired photo, start by selecting "File" and then proceed to open it by navigating to the file's location.
    3. In order to harness the power of the Crop tool, you can either select it from the toolbar or press “C” on your keyboard.
    4. Utilize your mouse cursor to select the area of the image you'd like to retain by simply clicking and dragging over it.
    5. Resize the cropping window by clicking and dragging its boundaries, or type in your preferred size into the settings bar.
    6. When you have chosen the desired crop, press “Enter” or click on the checkmark icon in the settings bar to activate the chosen crop.
    7. To ensure your photo is preserved after cropping, select “File”, then choose between “Save” and “Save As”, allowing you to assign a different name and file location if preferred.

    Apart from Photoshop, consider utilizing Snagit for Mac or Skitch, both are excellent snipping tools that can help you get the image or text you require.

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    How to Crop a Screenshot on Mac With Our Cropper

    If you’re the type of user that doesn’t love to download a third-party app, Watermarkly photo cropper will not disappoint. This is a free online tool that will help you easily crop, edit, and convert your images to several different formats without sacrificing security.


    • Really simple and straightforward
    • Uploaded files are stored only on your device
    • Quick upload, no matter how large your batch is
    • Multifunctional options
    • Lets you take different sizes and types of screenshots
    how to crop on mac


    • Free version adds Watermarkly logo to the processed images

    Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to crop images on Mac with Watermarkly:

    1. Go to our cutting-edge online software, the “Crop Photo” tool.
    2. Drag and drop your file directly into the app interface or click "Select images" to grab the photo from your computer or cloud storage.
    3. Access the “Desired Size” menu by selecting the downward-facing blue arrow situated at the top of the application. Unlock a comprehensive dropdown containing many different options.
    4. When browsing the menu, pick one of the available shapes or fixed aspect ratios.
    5. Activate the "Crop image" option to customize how your cropped copies look. Pick the format and quality that works best for your needs and, if you'd like to add a watermark, just check the box for "Watermark images."
    6. Look at the Preview section to see what your exported images will look like.
    7. Click on the “Crop Images” button, and your cropped images will be saved on your device.
    Crop on Mac Free


    As seen from above, for all your computing needs, your MacBook or iMac is preloaded with an array of free, easy-to-use apps. Perfect for everyday tasks and crops, these small programs can be supplemented with more advanced applications if you decide to take your productivity up a notch.

    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I crop a photo on a Mac?

    If you need to take a screenshot of your monitor on your Mac, then you have plenty of options. Watermarkly Photo Cropper is one method, but there are also some simple hotkey combinations and touchpad interactions as well as the Screenshot app, Preview tool, and Photos app, all available for you to take advantage of. With any of these options, you can crop your screenshots with ease.

    How do I crop a picture on a Mac using a touchpad?

    Open the Photos app, go to the Screenshot icon, and you're ready to roll. With one click, you can capture the image. All you need to do then is click on the thumbnail to edit and save it.

    Is there a snipping tool on a Mac?

    Apple devices may not have the same Snipping Tool that you find on Windows computers, but they do have a similar Screenshot app integrated right into the system, providing users with the same ability to take and store images. Additionally, hotkey combinations are also available to help take screenshots quickly and efficiently.