How to Crop a Picture?

Sooner or later, each of us has to look for an answer to the question – how to cut a picture. It can be a personal photo, a thematic image for solving work issues, a commercial picture for advertising, and not only for business purposes. The need for a picture crop may arise for various reasons. For example, you need to remove an extra background or you need to cut out the main object and place it in a circle.

In this article, you will learn how to cut an image and in which editors you can perform this task. You also get some tips for cropping photos.

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Where Can I Cut a Photo?

There are many editors for working with images, including crop pictures. Some are available online; others can be used even if there is no Internet connection. Due to the wide variety of picture croppers, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice.

Services that require you to enter personal data should be especially alarming. You should be careful about unpopular editors that need to be installed on your computer (in this case, there is a risk of downloading a malicious file). It also always requires extra time. For the sake of a 2-minute photo framing, a person spends about 30 minutes downloading and installing the program.

In order not to waste time and to be sure of the security of your data, you can use our web application, in which the cut picture function is available online and for free.

There is no need to download and install any application, register or buy – just open the corresponding page of the site and do what you need.

Crop Picture For Free

How to Crop a Picture with Our Online Tool

Our web application is a godsend for those users who don’t know how to crop pictures online for free. With our app, you can cut an image in a few minutes. And not just perform a random picture cut but do something more.

The web application has the following auxiliary functions:

Crop a picture into a circle or rectangle / Select the aspect ratio.

Align the horizon and select the required angle of rotation of the image.

Resize the image and add a watermark.

So, we are going to tell you detailed instructions – on how to cut a picture online free just on the website. You need to perform these steps sequentially:

  1. Open the page to cut a picture.
  2. Drag the necessary files into a special window or select an image: from a PC, Google Photos, or Disk, upload from DropBox (you need to provide access to files for our site in cloud storage). Please note that our platform supports images in 4 formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP. select files to crop picture
  3. After uploading the photo, start processing:
        - Select the zone for cutting the photo yourself or specify the format in the suggested options.
        - Use the slider to align the horizon in the picture, if necessary.
    how to crop a picture
  4. Click the "Crop images" button. Then just enter the output settings:
        - File format: source or convert to WERB, JPEG, PNG to choose from. All the characteristics of the image with the presented format are described in parentheses.
        - Add a checkmark to the item “Watermark Images” if you want to emphasize the authorship of the image. When you select this function, you will need a few more minutes to create or make a watermark in the form of text or logo. After creating the watermark, you need to click the cross and exit the editor to continue saving the photo.
    select format to crop picture
  5. Go to the "Preview" item to evaluate the quality of the resulting image. preview of cropped pictures
  6. Click "Crop images" to save the image to your computer, Google Photos or Dropbox.

In our application, you can cut images online for free. However, you should know the following: if you use a watermark in the free version of our online tool, the following inscription ‘Protected with Watermakly’ will appear on the picture. If you don't want to have extraneous labels on the picture, consider buying upgrades.

With our crop picture online tool, you can simultaneously work with a batch of photos and apply one crop format to all at once or adjust the cropping area separately for each picture.

Crop Picture For Free

Crop Picture Types in Our Watermakly App

Our online picture cropper provides users with useful tools for quick and correct cut pictures taking into account the task at hand. The cropping borders can be set manually, or you can reduce the processing time of the photo and choose one of the presented types of cropping.

By Forms

You can choose a standard shape: crop a picture into a circle or choose a rectangle shape. This function can be found at the top of the editor. In this case, blue borders will appear – all the space that remains outside of them will be cut off.

When choosing a certain shape, the cropping area can be adjusted independently: diameter, size, aspect ratio. To do this, it’s enough to change the position of the blue borders.

picture cropper

Fixed Aspect Ratios

If you think about how to crop a picture to keep the proportions – choose a crop with a fixed aspect ratio. The application presents 8 proportions with horizontal and vertical aspect ratios.

For example, there is a 1x1 square and a 2x3 portrait. You can also choose an arbitrary aspect ratio at your discretion and simply enter the necessary numbers in the field at the top of the editor.

fixed aspect ratio of cropped images

For Social Networks

The need to crop a picture online often appears when you need to prepare photos for publication on social networks. Each platform has its requirements for the proportions of photos that need to be observed. Otherwise, the service will prohibit downloading the image or the image will be distorted. This will be avoided by our online tool, which has parameters for the most popular social networks, where the necessary aspect ratios for a specific type of publication are already specified.

For example, for Instagram, there are templates with the correct proportions for publishing photos in the feed, stories, portraits, banners. Templates for social networks Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn are also presented.

picture cropper for social media

You can significantly reduce the processing time of photos and avoid mistakes when publishing. To do this, you should prepare templates and crop pictures for a specific social network in advance.

Crop Picture For Free

Additional Features of Our Application

With our application, you can not only cut images online.

The online tool gives two additional bonuses in the form of:

      Adding a watermark that can protect an image from theft, identify its belonging to a category, indicate its status, or become an element of brand promotion.
      Aligning the horizon using the blue slider to set the desired angle. In this case, the image quality will not suffer; on the contrary, the picture will become more harmonious.

If we consider the general features of our Watermarkly web application, and not the Crop picture tool separately, then you will be pleased with such free features:

  1. Changing the size of images.
  2. Image compression.
  3. Adding a logo or text.

Each tool works independently of each others, so you can easily use them separately.

Crop Picture For Free

Advantages of Our Watermarkly App

Users on the Internet choose Watermarkly tools because it’s convenient, fast, and free. To crop pictures free online or apply a watermark, you don’t need to download a special program to your computer, install it and perform other steps. It's very simple – open the desired page of the site and work with images.

In addition, the following advantages of the web application can be distinguished:

100% security assurance. Even though you work through a browser, provide access to files in your cloud storage and upload images to our server, we guarantee their confidentiality. We don’t store the originals of your images and don’t have access to them.

High-speed operation. You can cut an image in a few minutes – the picture loading process is fast, setting parameters doesn’t take much time, and downloading the finished work happens almost instantly.

No advertising. You will like the absence of intrusive advertising banners and offers on our website. We don’t impose to buy even our products – it’s entirely your choice.

Simple and intuitive interface. You don't need graphic designer skills to work with our application. Everything is quite simple and easy – you just need to upload the files and make the adjustments that are required.

Crop Picture For Free

Top 7 Tips for Framing Photos from Professionals

You don't have to think about how to cut a picture correctly if your goal is just to get a picture of the right size.

However, if you want to improve the image and achieve maximum effect, you should follow some professional recommendations:

  1. Remove unnecessary items. Details that don't carry an informational load or have nothing to do with the atmosphere can distract from the story you wanted to tell through the image. When you crop a picture, it’s important to try clear the background of everything that can somehow distract attention.
  2. Remember about the eye level of the object. Always make sure that the eyes of the person in the photo are slightly lower than the upper third of the picture. This is the only way the image will look harmonious and not cause dissatisfaction among those who look at it.
  3. Do not always place the object in the center of the picture. In some cases, it may look too boring. Be sure to study the rule of thirds before you start cutting pictures.
  4. Leave space in front of the face if the person is looking sideways. Do not crop the picture too close to the face – so there will be a feeling of anxiety and claustrophobia.
  5. Avoid cutting your hands or feet on the joint/fingers/ears. Don't create clunky visuals that could be your mistake.
  6. In landscape photos, don’t crop the horizon line. If you crop too much, the picture will cease to be a landscape, an awkward feeling of missing elements will appear.
  7. Be open to experimentation. Of course, we should not forget about the elementary rules that help to keep the picture complete and visually attractive. However, no one says that it’s impossible to look for new interesting solutions for crop pictures. For example, you can make several options for cropping the image to evaluate the results and choose the best one, taking into account the specific purpose of using the image.

Crop Picture For Free

FAQ On Cut Picture

In this section, you can find the answer to your question, which concerns the topic – how to crop a picture.

How can I cut out part of an image?

If you need to crop out the middle of the picture online or another part of the image, you can use our online tool. When uploading a photo, an arbitrary blue frame will appear, which will indicate the place where the image is cropped. It is necessary to determine the parameters and place in the middle of the blue frame the part of the image that needs to be left. The rest of the image will be deleted.

How do I crop a picture on my phone?

Our site is adapted to work on mobile devices, so you can launch a page with the Crop picture tool on your gadget to crop the desired images. All functions remain the same as in the desktop version, so you can easily cut a picture online via smartphone or tablet in any convenient place. The main thing is to make sure that there is enough free memory on your device to download the processed copy of the image.

How to crop a picture into a circle?

The application has a built-in circle template, the diameter, and size of which the user can adjust independently which is very convenient.

Do professional photographers frame their photos?

Many professionals are resolutely against cropping images. However, this is a subjective opinion and there are no prohibitions on it. If the picture requires cropping, even professional photographers do it to improve the quality and atmosphere of the photo.

How can I crop a picture on iPhone?

The Watermarkly picture cropper is available to work with photos on any device, including an iPhone with the iOS operating system. The sequence of actions and functions on such gadgets will not differ, so you can safely follow the instructions indicated in the text to improve your image by cropping.

When should the image be cropped?

The reasons for cropping a picture may be different depending on the case. For example, if there are problems with the composition or limiting the background. If it’s necessary to create a focus on a certain subject. In any case, you will need a photo editor to cut the image.

How can I edit my photo in the Watermarkly app?

Our web application provides various tools for working with images of any resolution and quality. On the site, you can apply a watermark to images, crop, add any text, reduce the weight for publication, and also change the size. All tools are easy to manage, available for free.

How do I crop a picture into a custom shape?

It’s very simple. In this case, you don’t need to choose the aspect ratio in the editor, but you just need to arbitrarily change the position of the blue line on each side. We do not limit the capabilities of users and do not force them to do strict cropping of images – the final result will depend entirely on you.

Does cropping an image reduce quality?

If you remove only some part of the background when cropping, there will be no sharp deterioration in the image quality. However, if you want to cut out a separate object that is too small in the picture, this will lead to a decrease in quality. The cut part becomes the same size as the original image automatically. In this case, the picture may become pixelated or blurred, which will negatively affect its quality.

When downloading a cropped photo, our service offers a file format indicating the quality: maximum, lossless, standard. The user independently chooses in favor of better quality or lower image weight.

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Let's Summarize the Results

With Watermarkly online tools, each of you can cut a picture on Mac or Windows devices. Moreover, you can work with pictures anywhere – on a walk, during a trip, or lunch – just open the web application on your smartphone or tablet.

Use our simple online crop a picture tool and save the resulting copies on your device or to cloud storage.Your data is secure. You don't have to worry about safety or confidentiality with us!