How to Crop a Picture into a Circle

Artists and scientists have identified a curious fact. Modern people prefer objects and shapes that evoke a sense of security. Sharp angles and features cause the appearance of threats, injuries. But the circle creates a feeling of softness, calmness, and relaxation. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people have a question about how to crop a picture into a circle.

Forms are an essential part of any design. If you use them to understand the meaning, the message can be made with a deeper concept. For example, circles symbolize completeness, softness, and integrity. Using an image in a circle in advertising, when doing business, allow you to focus on one information, experience, and history.

Each of us has seen images that have the shape of a perfect circle. But not everyone understands where and how this can be done. This article just answers the question: “How to crop a picture into a circle online?”

Crop Circle Image For Free

How to Choose a Tool For a Crop a Photo into a Circle

There are a lot of tools and programs in which you can change the shape of a photo. For example, make it in the shape of a rectangle, a star, a heart, and more. The circle cropper can be in the form of a special program that needs to be installed on a computer. Often tools are presented in the form of an online service which is very useful for interactive work.

The process of installing the program on a computer requires more time. First, you need to find decent software that will not bring malicious files into your computer. It will take time to download. Then you will need to install the program. It will also take time. And at the end, you will need to understand the functionality of the system and, finally, proceed to crop an image into a circle. As a result, it will take at least one hour or even more to cut one or more photos. Such a waste of time is completely impractical, unless, of course, you take such photos every day for several hundred pieces.

If you choose a suitable online application, then it will be much faster and easier to select the desired area in the photo. After all, you only need to upload an image, use the application tools and download the finished image. Here it`s very important to choose a secure application that will guarantee file privacy.

Our online circle cropper Watermarkly is a reliable service where you can crop a picture into a circle in the Windows 10 operating system in a few minutes. The program also works successfully on other versions of the Windows operating systems. It can also be freely used on Mac OS and even on a smartphone with Android or iOS.

Crop Circle Image For Free

How to Crop a Picture into a Circle in Our Application

Photos, as a rule, have a rectangular shape in landscape or portrait orientation. But this doesn`t mean that they should always be like this. With the Watermarkly circle cropper, you can cut a photo into a circle to make them pleasing to the eye.

So, we`ll tell you how to crop a picture into a circle on our website step by step:

  1. Open our online tool «Crop photo».
  2. Upload the desired image or photo for cropping: to do this, you can simply drag the file from the folder into the window or click «Select images» to upload photos from your computer, Google Drive, or photos, as well as Dropbox. select files to circle crop
  3. At the top of the service app, find the strip with the down arrow and click on it.
  4. In the open window, select the shape for cropping the photo – «Circle». circle crop photo form
  5. Determine the location of the circle in the picture – everything that is outside the blue line will be removed when cropping. The diameter can be increased or decreased to trim only the parts that are needed. If necessary, you can align the horizon in the photo using the degrees slider. online circle cropper
  6. Click «Crop image» and specify the photo output settings: file format and check the box next to “Watermark images” if you want to add a watermark. select format of circle cropped photo
  7. If necessary, switch to the preview mode of the finished images to see how the picture looks after cropping. This is especially convenient if you have worked with several images at once (our service allows you to upload from 10 photos and work with them simultaneously). If necessary, you can edit the cropping settings on each photo in this tab. preview of circle cropped photo
  8. Finish cropping the images and upload the finished file to your computer, Dropbox, or Google storage service.

Our service allows customers to choose one of the appropriate formats when saving files, which is very convenient:

      PNG. In this case, the file size will be large; the quality will remain the original.
      WEBP. When you choose this format, the quality will be standard, but the file size will decrease.
Crop Circle Image For Free

How to Add a Watermark When Crop a Picture into a Circle Online

Now you know how to crop a picture into a circle. Now we are going to tell you some more information about watermarks. You can create it by yourself on our website. If you check the “Watermark images” item at the stage of saving the image, a window will appear where the system will offer to create a watermark. By clicking on it, a new window will open in front of you, where you will need to make your watermark.

In this case, it can be a text or a logo of your company.

We have a variety of fonts, effects, text layout settings, text sizes, and much more.

After creating your watermark, you can place it on the already cropped image. Such a special element will allow you to protect the copyright of the image or inform people about a particular message.

There is an important point to know. Our tool for cropping a picture into a circle online is free. The watermark creation service is also free. But there is a nuance here. If you use the free version of applying a watermark, when downloading an image, the inscription “Protected with Watermakly” will appear on it. If this interferes with the image, you can buy application updates that allow you to get rid of extraneous inscriptions.

Crop Circle Image For Free

Why You Should Use Our Circle Cropper

We strongly recommend you to use our program. Our online tool allows you to cut a picture into a circle on an iPhone or a computer in just a few minutes. We guarantee the following to our users:

  1. Comfortable and easy cropping of images. You don't need graphic design skills to frame photos. Simply upload the image and select the «crop to circle» function.
  2. The ability to upload files of different formats. On our website, you can work with photos in common formats. There are no restrictions on the size and weight of the file.
  3. Excellent quality crops an image into a circle. When creating an image in a round format, the original image quality is preserved, which allows you to work with it in the future by adding graphics.
  4. Free access to the functions of the tool. Photo cropping is a completely free tool that does not limit functions due to the lack of any subscription. The purchase of updates is necessary only if the user wants to apply a watermark and avoid the appearance of extraneous inscriptions.
  5. Security of your data. Even though our application works through the browser and to crop the image you need to upload it to the site, we do not store user files on the server. Access to the images remains only with their owners. Therefore, we can guarantee the security of the process and data protection.
free online circle crop tool Crop Circle Image For Free

Additional Features of Watermarkly App

The Watermakly app is not only an online tool for a crop an image into a circle. This is only a valuable part of it.

Every user can use such functions of the web application for free and online on our website:

Create an individual watermark and add it to several photos at once (the free version of the program allows simultaneous loading of up to 50 images). This opens up very wide possibilities for processing different images in a short time

Change the size of images and format when downloading.

Compress JPEG, GIF, and PNG images.

Add the desired text or logo to the picture.

Each tool is independent of the others. It is located in a separate tab on the site, so you can perform the desired function in just a few minutes.

Crop Circle Image For Free

Where It’s Relevant to Use a Photo in the Form of a Circle

Round photos can be used for different purposes. For example, many people are looking for information, on how to crop a picture into a circle, to create a suitable photo for their identification on social networks. After all, on some platforms, only a photo in a round format is suitable for the main avatar. Sometimes there is a built-in editor in the social network, but it can make incorrect cropping. For this reason, it`s not always possible to use it. It’s better to make a high-quality and beautiful photo yourself in advance. Just use an online tool.

Round pictures are also actively used in advertising. This is influenced by the fact that people perceive curved shapes better. With the help of such an image, you get the following advantages:

      • Highlight your offer or advertisement where there is not a lot of text, but it should be noticed by people.
      • Combine illustrations in one circle to enhance their impact and emphasize the integrity of the meaning.
      • Focus on the personality that is depicted in the photo. In other words, highlight the main character of the advertisement. Why should you choose a circle? It's very simple.
      • Such form presupposes trust, community, and disposes to the person.

Photos in a round shape are often used in the design of the site. Here are some examples. When you create a block with reviews, you should highlight the advantages of the company on a Team page. The absence of sharp corners causes visual calmness, which means it increases people's trust in the platform.

Crop Circle Image For Free

Top 5 Inspiring Ideas for Using Circle Cropped Photos in Design

Round shapes are universal geometric elements that allow you to create real works of art. Designers often turn to this format, because from a psychological point of view it speaks of wholeness, integration, and unity. For people, this format evokes a sense of harmony and completeness. After all, the circle has no beginning, no end, sharp corners that can hurt.

Therefore, the round shape is considered a powerful, but soft element that can play well for the benefit of companies.

Considering how popular the circle format is among designers, we decided to share with you a few ideas for using a round shape in design from experts:

  1. Add depth to the artwork with multiple circular images. One image will be the main one, and the others will support them.
  2. Use pictures to enhance the interest and depth of the main image.
  3. Use round images as symbols.
  4. Underline an important message by adding text to the circle.
  5. Do not limit yourself to using one circle, but create beautiful masterpieces using several round images of the same size at once.

Remember, in our application, you can crop a picture into a circle, and you can do it at one time with several photos at once.

Crop Circle Image For Free

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared several answers to the most popular questions that relate to the topic of how to crop a picture into a circle.

How to crop a picture into a circle online?

Use online services that offer picture framing functions without having to install programs on your computer. With the Watermakly circle cropper, you can crop photos online and for free, both on your computer and via your smartphone or tablet. All functions are simple, there is no need to measure, calculate and enter anything. A template with a circle format is already built into the system.

How to cut a circle?

You can make a round-shaped image yourself, without using professional programs and tools. The Watermakly web application is easy to open in your browser and select the «crop image» function. In the service, you can choose a template with the shape of a circle or rectangle. The user has the right to change the size of the circle. To do this, click on the blue line and move it until the desired format is obtained.

When is there a need to crop a picture into a circle?

The reasons for cropping photos can be different, and they depend on the purpose of using the image itself. For example, the user will need to remove an extra element in the image or get a picture of a certain size. Regardless of the reason for a crop a picture into a circle, you will be able to use our online tool for quick and easy photo processing.

How do I cut out part of an image?

If there are extra elements in the picture or the task is to cut out a certain part, then you can easily leave only what you need using the editor. To do this, you can use a crop with an arbitrary size definition, a set aspect ratio, or choose a template: rectangular or round shape. All functions are available in our Watermakly web application.

Is it possible to crop an image into a circle?

Yes, of course. There will be no difficulties even for users with minimal knowledge in the field of photo editing. Our online tool has simple instructions for operation. To do this you just need to upload a picture from your computer, Google Photos, Google Drive, or Dropbox, and then go to the next step, where the functions for cropping the picture will be opened.

How to crop a picture into a circle on iPhone?

You can install any image editing application by downloading from the App Store or going to our website via a mobile browser and going to the “Crop image” tool. It's easier because nothing needs to be installed on the phone. A crop of a picture into a circle will turn out just in a few minutes. You should look for step-by-step instructions in the article. The functionality of the mobile version of the site does not differ from the desktop version.

Crop Circle Image For Free

Let's Summarize the Results

Our online tool allows you to crop a picture into a circle, which you can use for various purposes. There are plenty of reasons to take a round photo. For example, to design your website, make an attractive advertisement for social networks, make beautiful invitations, create a unique brand logo, etc. Everything is limited only by your imagination and the purpose of creating a round picture.

If you need to crop a photo into a circle, just stay tuned. You will surely cope with this task on our website in a matter of minutes!