How to Add a Watermark to PDF?

PDF is a commonly used format for sharing files online or sending them for printing. Different types of documents can be in PDF – including legal and government ones. PDFs are an integral part of the corporate world as they are sent to clients, employees, coworkers, etc. Even cover letters and resumes tend to come in this format. Since it is so widespread, it is critical to protect your PDFs from the potential risk of being stolen and leaked to the internet.

A great way to ensure security and safety of your documents is to add your logo or name that will serve as a proof of your ownership.

When you share files on the Internet, it’s vital to demonstrate that your PDFs don’t contain any hidden dangers – for example, malicious hyperlinks. After all, there is a possibility for your documents to get intercepted by hackers who will make some adjustments to them to pursue their goals. Your logo or brand name will be a clear indicator of your files’ authenticity.

This article will explore why it can be beneficial for you to watermark your PDFs. We will also guide you through the process of adding a watermark to your document. You will know how to do it quickly and efficiently..

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Why It Is Important to Add a Watermark to Your Documents

There are several reasons for adding a watermark to a PDF или Why should you add a watermark to a PDF? Well, there are several reasons for it.

Protection of intellectual property and copyright

The main purpose of a watermark is to identify the owner of a document. It can prevent theft of your intellectual property by deterring people from copying and distributing your documents without your permission. No one will be able to use your watermarked PDFs for their malicious purposes.

Watermarks have the power to keep your intellectual property safe and away from thieves since it is challenging to leak watermarked PDFs – everyone will see who the original owner is. Also, depending on your watermark, you might also have the chance to establish who exactly violated your trust.

Designation of status or category of a document

If you watermark a PDF with such words as “Copy”, “Confidential”, “Sample”, etc, you will visually communicate to people the level of its importance or whether it has a specific purpose or not. This may also help to simplify and better organize the circulation of documents.

Corporate identity

Watermarks on PDFs can play the same role as artists’ signatures on their paintings. By adding your brand name or logo to your files, you will be able to make your business more recognizable and ensure that current clients and potential new ones won’t forget you. The more people see your name or logo, the more it gets stuck in their minds. So, don’t be shy and watermark as many promotional materials, price-lists, and other documents that you tend to send to your clients as you can.


In some cases, a watermark on a PDF can act as a proof of the document’s authenticity. This is both helpful and crucial when legal and governmental documents are involved.

Regardless of whether you want to use a PDF file for printing or send it via Internet, it might be wise to watermark it since no one will be able to snatch it without facing the consequences. Yes, this is a format that offers various levels of protection as is, but PDFs are still at risk, because thieves can make screenshots and use them to create copies of your confidential information. Watermarks will help you to avoid that.

Watermark PDF For Free

How to Add Watermark to PDF in Our Application – Step-By-Step Instructions

Now that you know and understand the benefits of adding a logo or a string of text to your documents, you’re probably wondering where you can watermark PDFs online. Our easy-to-master, all-around app might be the answer you’re looking for! With it, you can add a watermark to your documents within a few minutes and without breaking a sweat. The app works right in your browser – so, you won’t have to download any software, install any drivers or plugins. Simplicity, convenience of use and a diverse set of powerful tools are all combined in Watermarkly.

To watermark PDFs, go to this page and do the following:

  1. Import your one or several documents from your computer, Google Drive, Google Photos or Dropbox. Alternatively, you can just drag them into the app’s window. select files to watermark pdf
  2. Click on the “Next Step” button to go to the next stage. watermark pdf next step
  3. Pick one of the two options: Add Text or Add Logo. You can choose an icon from our gallery or upload your own logo if it’s in PNG. edit watermark pdf
  4. Design a watermark for your PDF:
        - pick a font from our extensive library;
        - choose a color using the color wheel;
        - make your watermark bigger or smaller;
        - turn a single watermark into a set of repeated ones and fill up the entire page with them;
        - select the transparency level;
        - rotate your watermark and add one of over 10 effects.
    edit color of watermark pdf
  5. Click the “Next Step” button. Go to the preview section to check how your watermark looks on other files. Export a copy of your watermarked PDF to your computer, Google Photos or Dropbox.

Our app allows you to add a watermark to PDF online for free. However, it is possible to buy one of our paid editions to unlock the full potential of the app. It depends solely on your needs.

The free version is available to everyone, but it has a minor limitation in form of a phrase saying that you used our app; it will appear on your PDFs along with the watermark that you designed. Another disadvantage of the free version is that it allows you to process only up to 10 files at the same time. If you are okay with these limitations, the free version will suffice for your needs.

As it has already been mentioned, Watermarkly allows you to add a logo or text to several files in one go. Before exporting your PDFs, you will have the chance to preview your watermark on each document in the batch. If you aren’t happy with the way your watermark looks on one of the PDFs, you can change its size, opacity and drag it to a different place without leaving the Preview section. Your watermark on other PDFs will remain unaltered.

Watermark PDF For Free

Tips for Placing a Watermark

Watermarks come in different shapes and forms. You can import a logo with a transparent background, then apply it to your document. It is also possible to add some text – your brand name, contact details, show whether a document is a copy or an original, etc. The possibilities are endless.

However, you should keep a couple of things in mind when finding the best spot for your watermark on a PDF.

Lower the level of opacity. Especially, if your document contains a highly important information. Your watermark shouldn’t overlap graphics or text, making them impossible to read.

transparent watermark pdf

Choose a spot for your watermark where it will be challenging to remove it by any image editing software. If you want to protect the contents of your document from being stolen, then you’ll have to find the place where your watermark won’t be easily erased. For example, you shouldn’t put it on a monochrome background that has no details. Otherwise, a few strokes of a digital brush or eraser tool would wipe it away in less than a minute.

Make your watermark noticeable. In most cases, a watermark should be unobtrusive. But making your watermark barely visible kind of defeats its purpose. Even if you want to add the word “Copy” to your text, so people would know it’s not the original. If you place your watermark in the corner of the page, it will easily go unnoticed – or even get rid of. But if you put your watermark across the page, it will be hard to miss it. Additionally, Watermarkly has the tile feature which allows you to repeat your watermark throughout the entire page.

how to add watermark to pdf

There is a misconception that watermarks can make your PDFs look unprofessional and have a negative effect on your reputation. But like any other misconceptions – that’s not entirely true. An aesthetically pleasing and well-designed watermark in the right place and low level of opacity can protect your content as well as promote your brand and make you look prestigious.

Watermark PDF For Free

Advantages of Creating a Watermark in Our App

Programs from the Internet might infect your computer with a dangerous virus. Since Watermarkly works online, you won’t have install anything and put your device at risk. Even though you’ll need to import your PDFs to watermark them, they will never leave your computer – the whole process of adding a watermark takes place in your browser. Your files will never be stored on our servers. Your documents will always remain to be yours или Your digital assets are safe and sound with us.

Here are other advantages of Watermarkly

You will have an amazing toolkit to design your watermark – select a font and color, change size and opacity, and so on. Our app doesn’t offer ready-made templates, so you won’t see a similar-looking watermark on other brand’s documents. With our app, you will be able to create a special, personalized watermark

Watermarkly is a batch-processing app, which means you can watermark several PDFs at a time. The free version allows you to upload a batch of up to 10 photos, but with the paid version, you can import hundred of files. You will design your watermark on the first document. The watermark will be resized and repositioned on other files automatically, depending on how big or small they are. However, you can make some changes manually.

The app works with a great speed, even if you have poor internet connection. Your files will be processed within minutes, and you won’t experience any lags.

Our app allows you to import and export your documents from such popular cloud storages as Google Drive, Google Photos and Dropbox. This means that there will be no need for you to store all of your images on your device. You’ll be able to use Watermarkly anywhere you want.

Templates that you created and applied to at least one photo get uploaded to our cloud. So, you won’t have to recreate your watermark from scratch every time you want to add it to new documents. When you get to the editing stage, you can select a watermark from the list of previously used templates, then make some alterations to it or apply it to your PDFs straight away. Don’t worry, we store only your templates – not your documents. We won’t violate the privacy and confidentiality of your files.

Watermark PDF For Free

Additional Features of Our Application

With the Watermarkly App, you can quickly and easily add a watermark to PDF online. But there are other useful tools that our website offers.

Take a look! You can:

Crop photos : in a form of a circle, square or rectangle; select one of the popular aspect ratios or pixel dimensions from our list; set the cropping area however you want; align the horizon and rotate your image; pick a different size for your photo and even add a watermark without switching between the apps

Compress GIF, JPEG, PNG files to reduce their size without significant loss of quality.

Resize images by changing their width, height, or both. It’s also possible to make your photos smaller by percentage and pick a different format for them.

Add any text or logo to one photo. For example, if you want to add a quote to a photo and post it on your social media or simply protect a single image that you’re going to share online from theft.

All of our tools work online, so you can use them wherever you are as long as you have internet access.

Watermark PDF For Free

Watermark PDF online: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared answers to popular questions on the topic of watermarking.

What is a watermark on PDF documents?

A watermark is a logo, symbol, or text on a digital or physical document. It may be opaque, semi- or completely transparent. A watermark shows who the document belongs to or communicates some valuable information – for example, your phone number or website address. Its main purpose is to protect your documents from being copied without your permission. However, in some cases, it can also help with promoting your brand. There are a few reasons for adding a logo or text to PDFs, so it is your job to determine why you might need a watermark.

How to design and add a watermark to PDFs for free?

Watermarkly allows you to watermark PDFs for free. Since it’s an online app, you won’t have to download or install anything to get started. You won’t even need to register, because we have no accounts. Just open our web app and get to creating. In the free version, you can import a batch of up 10 documents and apply one or several watermarks to them. However, please note that in the free version, along with your text or logo, the words “Protected with Watermarkly” will be added to your PDFs. If you don’t like this limitation, consider buying one of our paid editions. You can check the pricing here.

How to add a watermark to PDF on Mac and Windows?

The process of watermarking PDFs on Mac and Windows are the same – just open your browser of choice, go to our website, open the app, then drag your files into app’s window or import them from a cloud storage by clicking on the “Select PDF” button. Our online app offers the same set of tools and features for different operating systems, so you can use it on any device you want without any difficulties.

What is the difference between a watermark and a stamp?

A watermark is embedded into your document. Therefore, once it’s applied it cannot be altered or removed. A stamp, on the other hand, is a type of a comment in a PDF file. Unlike a watermark, it can be changed and even deleted by another person. For this reason, a stamp cannot protect your documents from being copied and shared without your permission. A watermark is typically used for this.

Can I add a watermark to PDF on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can watermark your PDFs with our web app. To do this, open the browser on your phone, then go to our website. Follow the step-by-step instructions which you can find in this article. You’ll be able to watermark your PDFs wherever you are. You can even add a logo or text to your documents during your lunch break and send them to your customers or colleagues.

How to add a watermark to PDF online?

With Watermarkly, you can add a watermark efficiently and quickly online. You won’t have to download or install anything – design amazing watermarks and add them to your PDFs on our website. Our app will work perfectly and with no lags – all you need is a browser and internet connection. Import your documents and get to editing!

How to create a watermark for your business?

The design of your watermark can differ since it depends on your taste and imagination as well as on why you want to add a logo or text to your PDFs.

If your watermark has to establish your ownership for the express purpose of protecting your content, then you should add your brand name or logo. Watermarkly allows you to import your own logo in PNG. If your logo file has a monochrome background instead of a transparent one, you can get rid of it in our app. You can also create a textual watermark with your brand name – just remember to choose font and colors that you want to be associated with your brand.

If you want to design your own logo from scratch, you will have to do this in an editing software like Photoshop or online logo-makers.

Textual watermarks are the easiest to make since our app has all the tools to design a personalized and eye-catching string of text. What’s more, this process will take only a few minutes and you’ll have a lot of fun experimenting

Watermark PDF For Free

Let's Summarize

In this article we took a look at how to add a watermark to PDF – no matter what goals you are pursuing). Watermarkly is one of the easiest, fastest, most efficient, and powerful online apps to watermark PDFs. You will master it within minutes – even if you don’t have any editing skills. A single watermark can protect your documents against theft, raise your brand recognition and organize your documents in a better way if your company has a large document circulation.

This goes without saying, but it’s better and wiser to use proven apps and never download suspicious programs to your computer as this may cause you more harm than good. Not to mention that the installation process can be a bit time-consuming. Instead, open Watermarkly and get to work right away.

With Watermarkly you will add a watermark to PDF in a matter of minutes. All the tools and features are available in the free version, which has only a couple of minor limitations. But it is possible to get rid of them by purchasing one of our paid editions. In the full version, the words “Protected with Watermarkly” won’t be added along with your watermark. Moreover, you will also get access to our desktop companion app that works offline – with it, you will be able to add watermarks to more than 50,000 images at once.

Learn more about our paid editions here.

Watermark PDF For Free