How to Add a Watermark to PDF?

PDF is a universal format for publishing information on the Internet and distributing files for printing or screen reading. There are various types of documents are created in PDF format. It includes legal and governmental ones. In most cases, such documents are sent by the company's employees to customers, partners, and other persons both inside and outside the company. Such files can be protected from opening, copying the contents, and printing to prevent leakage of important information or the creation of fakes.

Everyone can strengthen the protection of documents with the help of a watermark PDF – that is, applying a logo or a fragment of text that will indicate authorship.

When you share PDF files on the Internet, it`s important to convince the person on the other side of the screen that the published information is correct. After all, any file can be intercepted by attackers and make adjustments. A watermark PDF with your logo or a certain text will allow you to identify the authenticity of the file and prove its security for everyone to whom it will be sent.

We will take a detailed look at the reasons for applying watermark PDF in this article. We will also provide information regarding the application in which you can easily and quickly identify your documents.

Watermark PDF For Free

Why is a Watermark Important in a Document?

There are several objective reasons why you will need to add a watermark to a PDF.

Protection of intellectual property and copyright

A watermark is the identification of a document that helps to protect against the theft of someone else's property and the issuance of a document for their work. No one will be able to reuse your files for their purposes.

A watermark is a guarantee of protection against theft of your content. If information leaks, watermarked files will make it easy to identify the person responsible for the privacy violation.

Designation of the status or category of the document

If you create a watermark PDF with a special designation (for example, "Confidential", "Copy", "Sample"), you can visually warn users about the importance of the file or its special purpose, as well as streamline file turnover in the company.

Corporate identity

Watermark PDF can become an analog of the artist's signature on his paintings. If you put a corporate logo or a sign on the file, you will be able to declare yourself, strengthen the status of your brand and make it more recognizable. Every time a file falls into the wrong hands, it will show who its creator is.


In some cases, a watermark PDF allows you to identify the authenticity of documents. This is very important if we are talking about legal or government files of high importance.

Regardless of whether a PDF file is used for printing on a printer machine or sending via the Internet, a watermark is a guarantee of file classification and its protection against forgery. This is very important because even such DRM-protected files are at risk – potential thieves can use a screenshot to create copies of confidential documents.

Watermark PDF For Free

How to Add Watermark to PDF in Our Application – Step-By-Step Instructions

When it came to understanding why to put a watermark, a completely logical question appears – where you can apply watermark PDF online. You can quickly and efficiently identify a PDF document using our Watermarkly web application. You can process files directly through the browser – you don`t need to download individual programs, install drivers and enter activation keys. It's very simple for everyone!

To apply watermark PDF documents, go to the page and act consistently:

  1. Upload the desired photo (one or more): from your computer, Google Drive or Google Photos, from Dropbox. Or just drag the files into the download window. select files to watermark pdf
  2. Click the Next step button for further actions. watermark pdf next step
  3. Choose a watermark option: logo (it needs to be downloaded from your media) or text. edit watermark pdf
  4. Start working on creating a watermark PDF:
        - choose a font;
        - choose a color;
        - set the desired size;
        - set the placement principle (single watermark or in tile format);
        - select the transparency level;
        - set the angle and effect (there are more than 10 options).
    edit color of watermark pdf
  5. Click Next step, check the file in the preview window, and save the resulting file to your computer, Google Photos or Dropbox.

With our application, you can add a watermark to PDF online free – the purchase of additional options depends entirely on your wishes.

Basic functions are free and available for everyone, but in this case, at the bottom of the document, there will be a phrase that the watermark was applied using our application. Also, in the free version of the application, only 10 images are allowed to download at the same time. If this does not frighten you in any way, then use the free version for your pleasure.

As you have already understood, you can apply a special mark to several images in Watermarkly at once. Before saving the files, the application will open the file preview screen to evaluate the placement of the special element on each file. If it seems to you that a watermark looks bad on any image, you can immediately change its size and transparency level without going back to the presets. Thus, a watermark PDF can be configured for a specific file separately.

Watermark PDF For Free

Tips for Placing a Watermark

Keep in mind that Watermark PDF can be in the form of a logo or text. In the first case, everything is clear – you need to upload a logo with a transparent background and place it on the document. As for the text, there are no restrictions here, since the essence of what is written will depend entirely on the task at hand. You can write contact details, document status, or other information.

We also advise you to consider the following points when placing watermark PDF:

Make the watermark as transparent as possible if the information in the file is extremely important. The special symbol should not interfere with the reading of the information provided.

transparent watermark pdf

Place a special mark in such a place that it will not be possible to remove it by the editor. If the purpose is copyright protection, be sure to apply it so that no one can erase it through the editor. In this case, a uniform background is not suitable for a watermark.

Watermark with information load should be noticeable. If you designate a document, for example, with the word "Confidential", it must be explicit. In this case, the word cannot be written in the corner, where it will be invisible. In our application, you can place watermark PDF tiles when the word is repeated around the perimeter of the document.

how to add watermark to pdf

There is a misconception that watermarks make a document unprofessional and negatively affect the content. It's not like that! If you design a watermark aesthetically, submit it competently and logically, this will increase confidence in the content and the company generally.

Watermark PDF For Free

Advantages of Our Watermark Creation Application

Watermarkly is a secure web application because it does not need to be installed on a computer and risk your files. Even though you need to upload your documents to apply watermark PDF, you do not need to worry about their privacy – the system does not store files on servers and does not have access to them. Your files are only your property.

Other advantages of Watermarkly include the following:

Each watermark can be customized by color, transparency, font, size, and more.We don't have templates that others can use. Each creates a unique sign that has no analogs.

There is a batch file upload function for adding a watermark in PDF. In the free version, 10 photos can be uploaded at the same time, and the system automatically scales the watermark to the file format (however, this function can be disabled, then the size and location of the sign will need to be changed manually).

The application works quickly, even with a poor Internet connection, the server quickly performs its tasks.

The system integrates with Google Drive, Photos, and Dropbox cloud services, so it`s not necessary to store images in the device's memory to import them. Thus, you can work in Watermarkly anywhere.

Watermark templates that were previously created by the user are uploaded to the cloud so that they do not have to be created every time for application on new documents. When downloading additional files, you can select a draft watermark in PDF and transfer it to new images. Keep in mind that our system saves only templates, not images – we guarantee the confidentiality of your files.

Watermark PDF For Free

Additional Features of Our Application

With the Watermarkly App, you can quickly and easily add watermark to PDF online. But these are not the only opportunities that our program provides.

Just look what you can do while you're on our site:

Crop photos : in the form of a circle or rectangle, select a specific aspect ratio from the list or offer your own, align the horizon and rotate, resize and immediately add a watermark.

Compress GIF, JPEG, PNG files to reduce their weight without significant loss of quality.

Resize images according to one of the 4 suggested parameters and save them in the desired format.

Add any text or logo to one photo. For example, if you want to add a quote to your favorite picture or designate professional work on the Internet to protect against content theft.

Each Watermarkly tool works online–- you can use it whenever you have internet access.

Watermark PDF For Free

Add Watermark PDF online: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared answers to popular questions on the watermarking topic.

What is a PDF documents watermark?

A watermark is any sign on the image, as a rule, translucent and barely noticeable. Such a symbol may indicate the author of the document, identify the brand or carry certain information (for example, contacts). The task is to protect from copy-paste by third-party resources, to indicate the ownership of the file, or to popularize the brand. Everyone who adds a watermark determines the goal for themselves independently.

How to create a watermark PDF free?

In our Watermarkly App, you can add watermark to PDF for free. You don't need to download anything to your computer and install it to start the process. Just navigate to the web application to get started. In the free version of the application, you can upload up to 10 photos for simultaneous application of the same sign. The only thing to consider is that when using the free version, it will be written on the photo that you did with the help of our service. If you are not satisfied with this, consider buying additional application options that allow you to remove a third-party inscription.

How to install watermark PDF Mac OS?

The principle of placing a watermark on Mac and Windows devices when using the Watermarkly application does not change. You just need to drag the necessary files into the window on our website or download files from convenient cloud storage. All the functions of the graphics editor are the same for devices with different operating systems, so no one will have any special difficulties with working in the application

What is the difference between a watermark and a stamp?

A watermark is embedded in the PDF file as a fixed element. A stamp is a type of comment in a file of this format. Another user can open it, change it, and even delete it. The stamp cannot be used to protect the file from copyright infringement. For this purpose, a watermark is used in PDF.

Can I create a watermark PDF on my mobile device?

Yes, you can download the Watermarkly mobile App to your gadget. All the functions in the application are similar to the web version of the program, so the step-by-step instructions presented in this text will help you – how to add a draft watermark in PDF. With the mobile application, you can put watermarks in any convenient place, even on the way to work, and immediately send documents to partners or customers.

How to insert a watermark PDF online?

With Watermarkly, there is no problem with adding a watermark online. Our application is designed to quickly create watermarks without downloading the program to your computer. If you have access to the Internet and a browser, this is enough to work in the application. Just upload your pictures and think over the visual part of the watermark!

How to create a watermark for your business?

The appearance of the watermark for PDF files may be different. First of all, it depends on the purpose for which it will be applied to the document.

If you need to ensure the identification of the file and protect the contents from theft, then place any element that indicates that the document belongs to your company. For example, a logo. When creating a watermark with a logo, there will be no problems – you just need to have a logo file (in PNG format with a transparent background) that you upload to our application to overlay on the document.

If you want to create a more creative or unusual watermark, you can use special editors.

If you need a watermark in text format, you can create it yourself on our website – this process will take no more than 10 minutes.

Watermark PDF For Free

Let's Summarize the Results

In the article, we considered how to add a watermark to PDF for the implementation of any set goals. So now each of you knows which application should be accessed if there is a need to host a watermark PDF. With a watermark, your files will be completely protected from theft, make the brand recognizable, or make it much easier to work with files if the company has a large document flow.

We recommend using proven applications and don’t download suspicious programs to your computer that can harm important files. Open our Watermarkly web application and work without wasting a minute.

We allow you to make a watermark PDF fast, simple, and easy. All the necessary functions are available to you for free. But each of you can expand your capabilities in the app by purchasing updates. There will be no inscription "Protected with Watermarkly" in the finished files in this case. Moreover, access to the desktop companion app will open, with which it will be possible to install watermarks on 50,000 images at once.

Learn more about app updates on this page.

Watermark PDF For Free