How it works

Most photos in JPEG format can be compressed further without losing quality. Our app optimizes JPEG file structure not to waste space storing excessive data.

Unlike JPEG, PNG and GIF images can be optimized at a cost of slight quality loss only. Watermarkly tries to keep quality of PNG and GIF as good as possible though.

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Save Space And Make Website Faster

Smaller files occupy less space on your server and make the website to load faster. The faster is your website, the more likely your visitor will buy something from you.

This web app will automatically compress many JPEG, PNG and GIF files at once. The resulting files are fully normal JPG, GIF and PNG files. Every web browser and photo viewer can load compressed images. Compressed JPEG files are almost as small as images stored in more modern formats like WEBP or HEIC.

Free version allows you to compress up to 10 images at once.

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Quick And Safe

Our online compress tool is a web application. You don't need to install anything on your computer and risk catching a virus.

The app starts working immediately after clicking on the "Compress Images" button. We don't ask you to wait in queue.

We never keep your images on our servers. Nobody in our company can access your files.

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Compress to 200 kb or any other specific size

Our online tool offers three compression quality options: “Better Quality”, “Smaller Size”, and “Specific File Size”.

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In the first case, the app will do everything to preserve the best quality of the compressed images.

If you need to significantly reduce the size, and the quality is not important, it is better to choose option number 2. However, in both instances, you won’t know the size of the compressed photos until the processing is complete.

But the third option will allow specifying the desired number of kilobytes, which you want to compress your images to.

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In other words, you will have a little more control over the final size of your compressed files.

First, our app will optimize your JPG, GIF and PNG files to compress them to the specified number of kilobytes. But if this is not enough, then it will reduce the size in pixels.

Don’t worry! No matter what, the quality of your images will not be affected. Our app will do its best to compress your JPEG, GIF and PNG files to the desired size in kb and make them look as good as the originals.

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How to compress your images online:

Click on "Select Images" or drag and drop your photos into the app.

Select Images

If you chose "Select Images", pick one of the following options: "From My Computer", "From Google Drive", "From Google Photos" or "From DropBox".

If you clicked on "From my computer", find the necessary folder in the dialog window and choose the images you want to compress. Press Ctrl + A (on Windows) or Cmd + A (on Mac) to select all images in the folder.

If you clicked on "From Google Drive", "From Google Photos" or "From DropBox", you need to give the app access to your cloud storage first. Just click on the "Allow Access" button in the dialog box that will open up. Next, pick one or several photos. To select multiple images, click on them while holding the Shift key.

If you want to upload more photos, click on "Add photo".

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If you want to remove all images from the app and start over, click on "Clear".

Click on "Compress Image". You will see how much smaller each file has become once the compression process is over. Click on "Download All" to download all the compressed images.

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Additional Editing Tools

Using Watermarkly you can not only compress images , but also:

Add watermark to a batch of photos.

Crop photos by setting your aspect ratios or choosing one of the options from the list.

Resize photos.

Add text or logo to one photo.

You can use any of the tools separately.

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