How to Blur a Face in a Picture Using Watermarkly

The Watermarkly Blur Face app has been developed using AI, and so the program automatically recognizes all faces and blurs them immediately.

The only thing you need to do is to upload all the images to the app. You can drag and drop your files or upload them from your device or cloud storage. Once the image uploading process is complete, you will be able to see the final result - all your photos with blurry faces.

blur face

Then you will be able to edit the way they look.

If you want to remove a blurred area, hover over it and click once. The blur will disappear.

You can also change the shape of the blurred area (circle or rectangle), the size, the position, and the rotation.

face blur

You can always blur more elements in the photo if needed.

Please note that, while editing, the boundaries of the blurred zone are sharper. However, after downloading the images, you will notice that the borders have become softer and more natural.

Watermarkly allows you to blur faces for free. There are no restrictions on the number of photos you can process. But the Watermarkly logo will be added to your blurred images if you use the free version of the app.

Why Might You Blur Faces in Photos?

Strangers may accidentally enter the frame while a photo is being taken. There may be negative consequences if you post a picture with them on the Internet. Passers-by who happen into the frame do not give their consent for the image to be published. They could potentially sue you and win.

Here are some other reasons why people prefer to blur faces in photos:

  • To maintain medical privacy, physicians often cover the patient's face. For example, to share the details of a complex operation with colleagues. They maintain the anonymity of the patient for ethical reasons.
  • Firefighters, rescue workers, the military, teachers, and many other professions may face a similar situation. Training and developing your business without visual materials, including videos or photographs, is impossible.

In these and similar situations, the best solution before posting photos is to use our Blur Face app.

Follow a few simple steps to preserve your anonymity.

Thanks to the face blur app, now strangers in your photos are not a reason to decide not to publish them. You can quickly fix every detail. Feel free to take pictures, even in crowded places. Then, use the blur face app.

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How to Blur License Plates in Watermarkly

Just like with faces, the program automatically recognizes the license plates of cars and does all the work for you. All you have to do is upload the photo and then download the result. Remember, you can manually adjust the blurred zone if you want.

People usually blur their license plates to protect their personal data, which can be easily used by hijackers, police officers, or insurance companies. Blur your license plates in your photos before publishing them online to restrict access to your sensitive information.

blur license plates Blur For Free

Blur Any Part of an Image Online

The Watermarkly blurring app allows you to hide any part of your photo. Do you need to blur your home address, a price tag, brand name, street name, or telephone number on your screenshot? No problem. Just do the following:

  1. upload all your photos to the app;
  2. click on “Add blur”;
  3. adjust the blurred zone (its size, shape, rotation and intensity);
  4. move the blur over the element;
  5. click on “Download images”.

If you have more than one element that you need to blur, click on “Add blur” several times.

Here are a few examples of using the Watermarkly image blur tool.

Apartment number

blur part of an image

Brand name

how to blur parts of a picture

Street name

blur part of image online

Price tag

how to blur part of a picture

Home number

how to blur something in a picture

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Why You Should Use Watermarkly

Our app works on any device. No matter which operating system you use. You can run it directly through the browser with no effort.

If you need to blur faces or license plates on a batch of photos, Watermarkly will do it automatically and extremelly fast.

Other benefits of Watermarkly include:

  • A wide range of photo editing options. With Watermarkly you can crop, compress, and resize your images. We also have a watermarking tool for photos and PDFs as well as a converting to JPG tool.
  • An unlimited number of photos you can process at the same time.
  • Simple functionality of the app. You will master it with ease without any tutorials.
  • No registration, no ads.
  • All our services are available for free.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I blur a face in a picture?

Go to, choose the Blur Face tool, and upload one or several images. All the faces will be blurred immediately. If everything looks great, download the images.

How do I blur faces on iPhone?

You can use the Watermarkly Face Blur app for it. It works online through your browser. If you want to not only blur but also add a watermark, try the mobile version of Watermarkly. It allows you to create a watermark and also blur faces before downloading the processed images.

How can I blur faces for free?

Try Watermarkly. It is free, and you can process an unlimited number of photos. There is only one limitation for the free version of the app – it adds the Watermarkly logo to the images. You need to purchase an upgrade to remove it.

What is the best app for blurring faces?

Watermarkly is one of the best. It is very simple and fast. It blurs faces and license plates automatically. That can be very convenient if you usually process a batch of photos. You can also make small adjustments to achieve a perfect result.

How to blur something in a picture?

Upload your picture to Watermarkly image blur tool. If you need to blur faces or license plates, the app will do it automatically. If you want to blur something else, click on "Add blur", move the blur over the place on a picture you need to hide, adjust the size and shape of the blurred zone and then download the result.

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