Online synchronization of templates and watermark sticking

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Hello! Watermarkly has three new features, and we’d like to tell you more about them.

Firstly, now your watermark can stick to the corners of your image as well as to its center. This feature will help you align your watermarks more precisely with corners, edges or the center of your photo. When you move your watermark closer to the center, for instance, you will see a purple dashed line. This means that you’ve reached the mid-point of the width. Another dashed line will appear when you reach the mid-point of the height. Now, you’ve placed your free watermark right in the center! What’s more, if you want to add more than one watermark – logo or text – you can align one watermark with another with higher precision than before.

What we are very excited to present to you is the online synchronization of watermark templates. This feature allows you to get access your synchronized watermark templates across all your devices. Once you apply a watermark to your image, it is going to be added into the list of the recently used templates, which are also automatically synchronized. Your templates will be uploaded to the cloud, so you can use them even if you switch devices. Synchronized templates are marked with a cloud icon.

It is important to note that only your templates will be synchronized. Your photos are never stored on our servers, and they never will be. If you click on the cloud icon, you can also download the template onto your computer as a file and send it to a friend or a colleague. Synchronized templates are available for free for 2 years for all the current and new clients.

600 new fonts have been added to our diverse library. We’ve unified the list of fonts in Watermarkly and its desktop version. As a result, each app has access to the same collection of 1000 fonts. You are sure to find exactly what you need.

All the functions are available for free for all of our current and new clients. Synchronization is free for 2 years after purchase.

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