Rotate Watermark And Use One Of 10 Previously Used templates

by Lina Thorne Lina Thorne Updated · Posted in What's New In Watermarkly

We are pleased to announce the latest updates of Watermarkly’s app to watermark photos.

Firstly, the editing toolkit has got a new feature: it is now possible to rotate your watermark to a desired angle. The “Rotation” scroll bar can be found under “Opacity”. It works for both logo and text. Click on your watermark to open the editing toolkit and find the “Rotation” scroll bar. Drag the slider handle with your cursor to rotate your watermark to a desired angle. The design of the scroll bars has slightly changed as well, so now you can see the percentage of opacity level and the exact angle of rotation on the right side.

The second new feature is a list of 10 previously used watermark templates. It appears when all the current elements are deleted. When you start Watermarkly, you usually see the last watermark templates that you used. You will need to remove them first, in order to open the list.

Fortunately, we’ve also added a new “Remove watermark” button. It sits next to “Add logo” button. If you have two or more watermarks on your image and none of them are selected, you will remove all of them by clicking on “Remove watermark”. However, if one of templates is selected, the “Remove watermark” button will change to “Remove text” or “Remove logo”, depending on the type of selected watermark. By clicking on the same button now, you will only remove the selected element.

Once all the elements are deleted, you will see the list of the previously used templates. It will also appear if there aren’t any elements on the image at all. A template is automatically added to the list when you click on “Watermark Images”. The older templates that you haven’t used in a while will appear further down the list, while the very last used template will be on the top.

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