Manual Watermark Position

by Lina Thorne Lina Thorne Updated · Posted in What's New In Watermarkly

When you watermark photos Watermarkly automatically changes the watermark’s size and position for every photo in the batch. It will make the watermark smaller for smaller images and larger for larger photos. All done automatically. Now you can adjust watermark position for some images. For example, if you feel that different position may work better for particular images.

To change watermark position simply click the Preview button on the Output Settings screen. This will bring up a screen where you can click through selected photos and see how the watermark looks on them. If you don’t like the position, click the watermark and drag it to the desired position. You can also change the watermark’s size if necessary.

Once you’re happy with the results, close the dialog by clicking the cross in the top-right corner and click the Watermark Images button to start watermarking your photos.

Fill the picture with watermark

by Lina Thorne Lina Thorne Updated · Posted in What's New In Watermarkly

Ivan’s here - we added new capability to Watermarkly’s app to watermark photos. Now you can repeat your watermark all over the photo.

Two modes are available: straight and diagonal. Straight mode repeats the watermark horizontally and vertically. Diagonal repeats the watermark like black and white squares on a chess table.

To add a repeating watermark, click the watermark item you want to repeat and change the Tile option from “None” to “Straight” or “Diagonal”.

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