Multi-line Text

by Lina Thorne Lina Thorne Updated · Posted in What's New In Watermarkly

Hello! Watermarkly’s app to watermark photos has a new feature - multi-line text!

Now, you can create multi-line text, align it left/right or make it center and set the amount of space between words.

Creating a multi-line text is very simple. Firstly, import your images in Watermarkly and select “Add Text”. Click inside the text bar and type in your text. For example, Karen Page. Write “Karen”, then press “Enter” to start a new line and type in “Page”. If you have already written “Karen Page “ in one line, you can click on the space between Karen and Page with your mouse and then press “Enter” to separate these two words. All done is done! It is possible to create three or more lines, if you want. Once you create a multi-line text, you will be able to align it left, right or make it center by selecting one of the Alignment buttons. You can bring the words closer together or further apart by adjusting the Line Height.

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