How To Easily Crop Photos Online: Useful Tips

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Everyone knows that to crop photos means to remove a part of an image. The goals of such a process may be different. For example, you might want to remove some unnecessary fragments or improve the composition to make sure that the subject of your photo is in the center of attention. Alternatively, you might simply be in need of changing the aspect ratio of your image for a website or a social media post. It can be anything!

Cropping photos is extremely easy. All you need to do is adjust your cropping area however you want, and you are good to go! There are absolutely no difficulties involved. You won’t need any editing skills or calculations. Our app offers all the popular dimensions and aspect ratios, so you can crop your photos in just a few minutes.

crop photos online

Crop photos with Watermarkly

Check out the all-in-one Watermarkly app. Here you can easily crop photos online in a browser on any gadget (laptop, tablet, mobile phone, computer). This tool is available to everyone. Cropping will take 2-3 minutes.

We do not ask you to create an account or enter your email or mobile phone number. The most essential, basic features can be used for free. Working with photo cropper Watermarkly is convenient. You need to upload pictures and get started.

photo cropper

The functions of the app

Photo cropper Watermarkly is a simple-to-use tool. Our app is very intuitive. You won’t find any complex elements, confusing names or baffling functions in Watermarkly, so you can start cropping your photos right away.

Each user has access to a set of basic settings to crop photos online on our site.

To upload an image, you can use any convenient method:

  • computer / laptop / smartphone;
  • cloud storage or Google photo/video storage service;
  • cloud storage Dropbox.

The following cropping options are available to users:

  • setting the cropping borders manually;
  • round or square figure;
  • aspect ratio templates;
  • special settings for social networks.

In addition, our app includes a tool for leveling the horizon as well as a tool for creating and applying a watermark. You can perform a 2in1 task – crop photos, then add your watermark.

photo crop

Crop Photos: Some Useful Tips

Our app allows you to crop photos to make them better and more eye-catching. Composition can make or break an image, because when done right, it can navigate the viewer’s attention to the most important part of a photo. It can bring harmony and balance into the scene that you captured. To achieve this, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Use the rule of thirds

You’ve probably heard of this compositional guideline as it’s the most popular one. If not, then imagine that you drew two vertical and two horizontal lines on your image. This will divide your photo into nine rectangles and four gridlines. The four intersections are called power points, and that’s where your subject needs to be placed. For example, if you are taking a portrait picture, you might consider composing your shot so that the eye of your model is in the top right power point. Once you start to crop photos, imagine these four lines and place the most important details of your scene in one or two intersections. This will be the first step to getting a well-composed image.

Remember the importance of hands, feet, fingers, and toes

Never cut off people’s limbs in a photo! If you make this mistake, it will visually appear that the person really does not have hands, fingers, or other limbs. This is painful and annoying to see. When cropping photos, remember the aesthetic side of this process. If you can’t decide which is best, try different options.

Use the strict aspect ratio

Aspect ratios offered by Watermarkly:

  • 1:1 is a ratio that creates a square. It is often used on social network as well as in printing or on websites.
  • 3:2 is a format derived from a 35 mm film. It is still used for printing.
  • 4:3 is the aspect ratio for digital cameras and monitors.
  • 16:9 – Pictures in this aspect ratio are often suitable for presentations and web content designed for computer and TV screens.

If you select either of these options, the aspect ratio will be locked. You will be able to rotate the cropping area as well as make it larger or smaller. But the ratio of height to width of an image will remain the same.

If you work with social media or actively maintain your account, you can use our ready-to-go templates with popular social media dimensions. With them, you can quickly crop photos online and get ready for posting in no time.

Social media formats that are available in Watermarkly:

  • Facebook: publication 1200x628, profile cover 1640x624, page cover 1200x675, banner 1920x1005.
  • Instagram: post in 1080x1080 square, IGTV and Stories 1080x1920, post in portrait 1080x1350, landscape 1080x566.
  • Twitter: publication 1200x670, title 1500x500.
  • LinkedIn: blog picture 1200x628, profile cover 1536x396.
  • YouTube: video preview 1280x720, header size 2560x1440.

Keep an eye on the horizon

Crooked horizon is the kind of mistake that can make your image look weird, unbalanced, and unpleasant to the eye. It may not be possible to keep the horizon line straight while shooting. Or you noticed you made this mistake, only when you got back home. Fortunately, it can be fixed in post-production.

Horizon leveling is a simple function. To do this, you need to change the position of the image (tilt angle). There is such a tool in every application that offers crop photos, including Watermarkly.

Near the menu of our tool, there is a blue round slider that will help you complete this task.

With just one tool, you can significantly improve your images by correcting the errors you might have made during the shooting. What’s more, the quality of your photos will remain unchanged.

crop photo tips

How to use photo cropper Watermarkly

On the site, you can crop photos online very quickly. You don’t have to do anything too difficult or complex. Anyone can master Watermarkly. If this is your first time using our app, follow these steps:

Step 1. Add all the pictures you want to crop. Images can be dragged directly from a folder on a laptop/computer or uploaded from your cloud storage.

add pictures to crop

If you want to upload photos from a cloud service, you must enter your login details. Do not worry; we do not store your data on the server and do not allow third-parties to access it!

As a reminder, you can add from one to ten images for simultaneous processing.

  • Did you accidentally upload an extra picture? Delete it – on the left, hover over the small version of the image, and click on the trash can icon.
  • Do you need to add another picture? Select “Add images”.
  • Have you uploaded images that you don’t need to work with right now? Delete them all at the same time using the “Clear images” button.

Step 2. Set the photo crop settings.

You can enter the necessary dimensions for cropping or use our templates.

How do you crop photos manually?

We don’t limit what Watermarkly users can do. Each of you has the ability to crop photos however you want. Suppose you know that you need a picture with an aspect ratio of 3:5. There’s no need for you to keep moving the blue borders with your cursor until you get the ratio approximately right. Just write “3:5” into the menu bar. After that, move the created rectangle to the place where you want to crop.

Another way to set your parameters is to write the resolution in pixels. For example, like this “1200x800”. Suppose you know precisely what size of the picture you need, do not waste time, and type them into the menu bar. This will significantly simplify and speed up your work with images.

aspect ratio for crop photos

How to Crop Photos into a circle/square

To apply these settings, proceed as follows:

  • Select a shape (click on the small arrow to open the extended menu).
  • Move the shape to the part of the picture where you want to crop the photo.
  • Edit the cropping area. The blue borders are not locked to change their position. You can make a rectangular shape out of a square / an oval out of a circle.

All elements that are outside the blue borders will be automatically deleted.

crop Photos into a circle

Step 3. Preview your cropped images.

Click on the “Crop images” button and then select “Preview.” Check how our tool cropped each picture (if you worked with several at once). If you are happy with the results, go back to the output settings. Click on the cross in the upper right corner for further work.

preview crop photos

Step 4. Select file format.

Our photo cropper offers several formats in which you can save your images. We also give a short description in brackets next to each format so that you can easily understand what you will get in the result. For example, if you need a large file size without quality loss, you’ll have to select PNG. If you want to get a file of a small size, choose to convert it to JPEG with additional compression.

file format for crop photos

Step 5. Add a watermark (optional).

Watermarkly is an all-in-one web application that combines various photo editing features, including applying a watermark. When you work in our Crop tool, you can add a watermark to pictures in the Output settings.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before! With Watermarkly, adding a watermark is very easy.

  • Click “Create new watermark”.
  • Сhoose “Logo” or “Text”.
  • Edit the position of the text/logo. Use all the features of our tool.

Next time you visit our website from the same computer/phone and want to add a watermark, you won’t need to create it again. We store watermark templates of our users.

Crop photos are easy and fun!

Watermarkly’s “Crop” tool is only available on the web. You do not need to download our program from the Play Market or the App Store, look for the installation file on your laptop. Use all the features as soon as you open the tool page.

No intrusive ads or pop-ups. It is comfortable to work here. See for yourself!

A few more benefits you’ll love:

  • Safe. You do not run the risk of infecting your computer with a virus and losing data. Also, we do not store uploaded files on the tool’s servers. You do not need to be afraid that they will end up in the hands of third parties.
  • Fast. Your photos will be uploaded quickly, no matter how large your batch is. It will take you no more than five minutes to process your images. We don’t have extra complicated features that will slow down your process.
  • Multifunctional. You can crop photos, add watermarks, compress images, and many more on our website.

All Watermarkly tools are available for free. There’s a nuance, though! The program’s free version allows you to upload up to ten photos. To process 10+ images at once, buy a paid version of our web application.

Also, if you don’t have a license and select the “Watermark” function, when you save the picture, the following message will appear: “Protected with free version …”.

We have affordable prices, and your little investment will surely pay off in the long run. Working with Watermarkly will become even easier and quicker as there will be no limitations.

Get started with Watermarkly! Go to the page of the tool you need right now.

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