How to Blur Faces in Photoshop

by Lina Thorne Lina Thorne Updated · Posted in Photography

There are a number of reasons why you might want to blur faces in an image. Maybe you took a group photo and want to post it online, but a couple of people aren’t comfortable with you sharing a picture of them. In this kind of situation you have two options – not posting the photo at all or blurring those people’s faces.

How to blur faces in Photoshop

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Best Apps to Write Text on Photos

by Lina Thorne Lina Thorne Updated · Posted in Photography

Using text on your photos on social media is an incredible way to expand your brand recognition. And, not just that, it’s surprisingly straightforward to get the job done on any iPhone or Android device.

This post brings you the best free apps for adding text to photos, whether via a phone app or an online platform. Plus, many of these services also include photo editing tools so you can get all your desired effects in one place.

write text on photos

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Best Photo Editing Apps For Beginners And Professionals

by Lina Thorne Lina Thorne Updated · Posted in Photography

To improve the quality, any photo must be edited, regardless of what it was taken with, a professional SLR camera or an old gadget with a poor camera. Colours are added to the photo, errors are removed or retouched.

This is where special photo editing programs called photo editors come in handy. We offer you a wide choice of photo editing apps that can be used by both beginners and professionals.

best photo editing apps

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Top 10 Tips in Photography Marketing

by Lina Thorne Lina Thorne Updated · Posted in Photography , Marketing

Are you fond of photography? Why not make it an additional source of income and earn while you enjoy your hobby? However, there are many famous photographers today, and the competition is very tough. So how can you keep up with these already well-known photographers?

The answer? You need to have a good marketing plan.

A marketing plan outlines your strategies to advertise, promote, and sell your service or products. Following this plan is important to reach your goals and continuously improve your marketing skills.

So, how to make a successful photography marketing plan?

photography marketing

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The Best Logo Makers for Photographers

by Lina Thorne Lina Thorne Updated · Posted in Photography

If you want to start a business, one of the first things you’ll need to do is come up with a name and a logo. Logos are the kings of marketing because they are crucial for brand awareness.

Since you are a photographer, you probably have some editing skills, but not enough to create a memorable and original logo that’s going to encapsulate what your brand is about. You can start without it, of course, but you want to stand out and look professional. So, what do you do?

The ideal solution is to work with an agency or hire a freelance designer. However, if photography has been merely a hobby of yours and you’ve just decided to look for clients, you probably won’t have the budget for it. Instead, you can use logo makers!

Let’s dive into the list of the best online logo makers.

WIX logo maker

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