Lina Thorne

Lina Thorne

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved writing. I like the challenge of finding the right words to describe a thing, an experience or an idea, the way I see or remember it, while also making sure that the audience understands what I want to communicate.

One of my favorite things about writing is variety and experimenting. There’s always more than one way to say something by simply recomposing a sentence, replacing some words with their more impactful and eloquent synonyms, or building on new elements. To me, it is truly fascinating that two sentences with one and the same meaning can look nothing alike and evoke emotions of different intensity.

Also, I am a self-taught photographer, and pretty much everything I know about the art of photography, I’ve learned from YouTube or books. I am a visual person, and sometimes, I feel like a photo has the ability to convey the atmosphere of the scene much better than words. It may sound contradicting to my previous statements about writing, but from my point of view, there are moments when it is better to show something rather than try to describe it.

So far, I’ve tried various genres, including wedding (briefly), event and food photography, but my top favorite ones are portraits and street photography.

I love meeting new people and try to capture at least a fraction of their complex personalities and show it in my photos. Meanwhile, street photography is full of spontaneity, authenticity, and…luck. I have to be always tuned in, always be in the present moment, and look around. It’s my job to fish for the right light or an interesting scene. When going for a photo walk, I know I’m never promised good results. But every time all the pieces suddenly come together and I manage to snatch a great shot, I can’t help but feel like a winner.

Learning new things always brings me joy and excitement. It can be a new skill, a valuable tip, or even a random bit of information on a topic that I’ve never known anything about before. Every now and then, I love going on Wikipedia or YouTube to dive into informational rabbit holes, exploring languages, traveling, cooking, or whatever I am curious about at the moment .

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